GE Water Softener - Easy to Install and Requires Little Maintenance

Take it from the folks at GE, water softener can make a world of difference if your home has a well or if you live in an area that has particularly hard water. To soften the water in your home, you have a few options.

One way is to add a water softening product to baths, laundry loads and dishwater to reduce scale build-up and eliminate stains. You can also filter your water using a water purification pitcher or on-tap water filter. Or you can opt for a water softener unit that can take care of the problem right at the source; just after it enters the home. A GE water softener is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

There are several good reasons to install a whole house water softening system rather than just filtering tap water as needed. To begin with, it reduces harm to appliances such as the hot water heater, washing machine and dishwasher by eliminating minerals before they can cause scale build-up on the insides of the appliances. This means that the appliances will last longer and run more efficiently. A hot water heater that is free from scale will be 25% more energy efficient than one that is not.

With a whole house water softener you won’t have to worry about adding a softening agent to each wash load or bath because the water will already be softened when it comes out of the tap.

Cleaning showers, tubs and sinks will be much easier without excess minerals leaving a cloudy film on everything. Laundry will feel noticeably softer and colors will look brighter and you will also use less detergent. In the end, a water softening unit such as a GE water softener will save you money. You’ll save money on electricity because the water heater will run more efficiently and your appliances will last longer and not have to be replaced as often.

Each GE water softener comes with an installation kit that includes everything you will need to install your water softener unit. You won’t have to purchase any other parts. The large salt storage tank is easy to fill, and you will have to fill it less often than you would with some other brands of water softeners because GE units use as much as 60% less salt compared to other water softeners. They even save electricity, thanks to low-wattage transformers, which consume 35% less energy than most typical water softening units.

A convenient “Days to empty” digital display lets you know how many days worth of salt is left in the tank and signals you when the time has come to refill the salt.

GE has engineered its water softeners with SmartSoft technology, which enables them to “learn” the water usage patterns of an individual household. This ensures that soft water will always be available when it is needed. These units also feature a bypass valve that lets you use unsoftened water for other activities such as washing the car or watering the lawn and garden.

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