A Clearwave Water Softener Will Solve Your Household’s Hard Water Problems

The Clearwave water softener is a revolutionary new device that softens water without using salt, chemicals or major alterations to the plumbing.

Instead of softening water by using chemical means, this innovative new water softening solution uses electronically generated waveforms to dissolve scale build-up and prevent more from forming. The Clearwave water softener works gradually at first, but over time all hard water related problems will disappear. This revolutionary technology is inexpensive to buy, easy to install and it only uses about $5 worth of electricity in a year.

Microprocessor technology is what makes it all possible. The Clearwave water softener is without a doubt the most advanced computerized water softening device on the market. The device’s computer chip is specially programmed to produce more than 200 individual low frequency electromagnetic pulses, bombarding the water with these inaudible waveforms as it flows past the device.

Science has proven that electromagnetic pulses of this type increase the water’s electromotive potential to the mineral salts. As a result, minerals salts such as calcium bicarbonate stay dissolved instead of transforming into calcium carbonate, which is the insoluble form that adheres to the insides of pipes, water heaters and appliances. This hard substance is more familiarly known as scale. Because the mineral salts stay dissolved, they flow through the water system without doing any damage or leaving any stains.

Water that has been treated with the Clearwave unit continues to dissolve scale all through the rest of the water system.

Installation of a Clearwave device is easy. Simply mount the Clearwave onto the pipe by running a wire tie through the pair of holes found at each end of the device’s housing. Wrap each antenna around the pipe at least seven times, wrapping one in a clockwise direction and the other in a counter-clockwise direction. Using a wire tie, fasten the antenna wires tightly against the pipe.

One unit is suitable for 1-inch pipe, but for larger pipes 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches in diameter, two Clearwave units should be used in a series for best results. Once the unit is attached to the pipe, simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet. Flashing lights will indicate that the unit is functioning properly.

As soon as the unit is installed it begins to work, loosening all existing scale in the water system. After the fifth day, the scale will begin to break down, coming off of the inside of the water heater tank and its elements. Tiny particles of scale may be seen in tap water.

After fifteen days, cleaning will be noticeably easier, and shiny surfaces will shine with no cloudy build-up. After 1-2 months, stains and build-up should be easy to remove and no new stains will form. Many years of build-up may take longer to break down.

A Clearwave water softener will solve all of your household’s hard water related problems. You’ll use less detergent and be able to keep household fixtures sparkling clean with much less effort. Laundry will be softer and appliances will last longer and function more efficiently. Hair and skin will feel softer and healthier and soap will lather more easily.

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