Compact Water Softeners For Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

If you’re interested in compact water softeners, there are a few different options you could look at.

Different types of water softening technology make it possible to condition the water in your household without spending massive amounts of water and without having to install bulky units with large tanks of salt. Many of these systems use little or no electrical power, so they’re very cost-efficient to operate.

One of the more revolutionary types of compact water softeners is made by Clearwave. The Clearwave water softener is a small device that simply attaches to the outside of a pipe, near where the water enters the home.

This non-chemical water softener uses a series of electromagnetic pulses to dissolve scale and prevent minerals from solidifying. It doesn’t require any special tools or installations, and no alterations have to be made to existing plumbing. Just attach it to the pipe, coil the antennas around the pipe in each direction and plug it in. It will use approximately $5 worth of electrical power per year.

Safewater systems are the only patented catalytic water softener. These innovative compact water softeners harness the power of what’s known as a non-sacrificial catalyst, which is a complex alloy made up of a precise blend of over a dozen different precious and semi-precious metals. This unique catalyst, combined with a series of powerful magnets, produces soft water to the entire household without using salt or electricity.

The remarkable Safewater water softening system measures just 13”x7.5” – truly a compact water softener. It never needs maintenance such as recharging or backwashing and it’s built to last a lifetime.

A compact water softener that measures 25” x 15.5”, such as the Zoeller 340 can be installed virtually anywhere. Designed for efficiency, the 340 can supply an average household with softened water while using up to 80% less water than its larger counterparts. This metered water softener is easy to program, and it regenerates only as needed. A safety feature of the brine tank prevents overflows from happening, even during a power failure.

The Kinetico 2020c has a dual tank system that operates around the clock to provide your household with a consistent supply of soft water. The two tanks work independently of each other, but both work simultaneously, so that one tank is always regenerating while the other is busy supplying water. When the water supply in one tank is used up, the second tank is ready to go.

The Aquamaster is a compact water treatment system that delivers full-size performance but takes up a fraction of the amount of space of a typical full-sized water softener. Adding salt to the Aquamaster is much easier due to its small size of just 14.75” x 18.75”. This efficient system has a high flow rate, whisper quiet operation and a safety shut-off feature. The Aquamaster softens as well as filters the water, reducing iron and preventing scale buildup.

When it comes to efficiency and cost-effectiveness, sometimes smaller is better. Compact water softeners can often perform just as well as their full-size counterparts at a fraction of the cost.

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