Clack Water Softener - For Outstanding Longevity and High Performance

The Clack water softener is manufactured by the Wisconsin-based Clack Corporation, which has been in business for more than 50 years.

You may have to spend a little bit more on this water softener than you might on one of the competing brands, but it is a worthwhile investment because Clacks are well known for their outstanding longevity and high performance. The Corporation manufactures several different types of drinking water systems including water softeners, microfiltration (ceramic filters) and reverse osmosis.

They designed the Clack water softener line based mainly on the recommendations of many different professionals in the water treatment industry from everywhere in the world. Their primary goal was to design a line of high quality water softeners and also professional quality filter control valves. The valves were built primarily with water treatment professionals in mind, incorporating a lot of the features that were suggested by professionals, who happen to make up the majority of their customers.

Clack’s flagship valve, the WS1 valve, is extremely popular with water treatment professionals because of its high flow rate and versatility. It features a remarkably high rate of service as well as backwash flow rates that make them suitable for a lot of different applications. The company manufactures its valves from durable composite plastics, which means that they are built to last. Flexible designs make it possible for installers to use valves in a variety of different ways.

Clack is dedicated to providing top quality water treatment equipment to its customers at competitive prices.

With a Clack water softener, installation is easy, programming the unit is easy, thanks to a state of the art high tech control panel that is designed for ease of use. The high capabilities of it’s water softener tanks, combined with the high flow rate of the Clack WS1 valves make these units capable of handling the water demands of any size household or commercial business. The higher capacity units are actually ideal for commercial use because they can keep up with the high water demands of a business, providing staff and customers with the healthiest water possible without wasting it.

No matter what type of environment they live in or do business in, people who buy a Clack water softener should enjoy many years of problem free service from their device.

One unfortunate thing about Clack water softeners is that they can no longer be purchased online.

The Clack Corporation has ordered all online water softener dealers to cease selling and advertising their products. That means that if you want to buy a Clack water softening unit, you will have to seek out a Clack dealer in your area and go into the store and buy one in person. The real reason why the company did this is unclear, but it is speculated that Clack wanted to control the prices at which their equipment was being sold and did not want any online dealers undercutting their own dealers by selling the equipment at discount prices.

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