Hague Water Softeners – For A Customized Approach To Your Specific Water Needs

Hague water softeners are built with the user’s needs in mind. The patented design of the Hague WaterMax offers a customized approach to the specific water treatment needs of each individual household.

Hague water softeners are known for their efficiency and flexibility, and they proudly carry the Gold Seal of the Water Quality Association .

Hague water softeners have several award-winning features that make them renowned worldwide as one of the most innovative water treatment systems available.

The media tank features multiple compartments, which allow more flexibility when it comes to media configuration. On-demand regeneration means that the water softener can be configured to regenerate at preset intervals on the calendar, or it can be configured to regenerate according to the household’s exact water usage.

The ultra-quiet control valve has only one moving part inside it, which means there is less chance of parts malfunctioning. It is constructed from high quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and have been tested and proven to have outstanding longevity. This is one of the reasons why Hague water softeners are known for their reliability and long life span.

The hydro-slide piston is coated in Teflon, which allows it to operate for many years without wearing out. The piston works with innovative magnetic technology exclusive to the Hague WaterMax, so there are no switches or solenoids to worry about. The valve’s built-in bypass has a test port, and the valve porting is an inch in diameter, which allows for high flow with a minimal drop in pressure.

The blending valve is adjusted by the installer and is configured precisely to suit the needs of each individual household. The included fill plug, which is an expensive add-on with many other brands of water softener, makes it easy to access the media for servicing purposes, since water conditions are subject to change.

The solid-state computerized control system features innovative directional flow screens exclusive only to Hague. The system control is powered by a low voltage 12-volt power supply which allows it to maintain its programming even during power outages and eliminates the risk of shock from high voltages. It is easy to program, with three available languages – English, French and Spanish, and can be set in either gallons or liters.

The system control takes care of all the details for you – it calculates the compensated hardness, the capacity guard will protect the reserve bed and absolute brining means that regenerant never gets wasted.

Hague’s WaterMax water softener is capable of handling the water demands of any size of household, providing you with a consistent supply of soft and clean water. Your laundry will feel softer, food will taste better and keeping sinks, tubs and showers sparkling clean will be easy. And not only does the Hague WaterMax deliver exceptional performance, it looks good while doing so.

The stylish design makes it one of the most attractive looking water softening units available, so you won’t have to worry about it being an eyesore, no matter where you have to put it.

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