Fleck Water Softener - Built For Longevity and Efficiency

The Fleck water softener line is manufactured by Pentair, one of the largest manufacturers of water treatment systems in the world.

Fleck has been a leader in the water softening industry for more than fifty years and they are well known for their outstanding performance and competitive prices. Fleck water softener valves are trusted and used by water treatment professionals worldwide.

These water softeners are available in one of three different types: time clock, metered and digital. Each one is designed for specific applications.

A time clock water softener is regenerated according to how many days have passed since the last time the softener was regenerated. A time clock regenerated water softener will regenerate at the same interval each time regardless of how much water has actually been softened. This may be useful in some situations, but it can also waste salt when used in situations where not a lot of water has been used. For residential use, it is usually best to use a metered water softener instead.

Fleck’s 5600 metered water softener is probably the most commonly used water softener when it comes to residential applications. A metered water softener measures the amount of water that is being used and regenerates when the salt is becoming exhausted. With a metered system, less salt is used. The meter only regenerates when the bed is no longer able to soften any more water. This way, the salt gets fully used and not wasted and no unnecessary salt will be added the way it is with a time clock system.

A metered water softener also wastes a lot less water than a time clock system. Typically, when a water softener regenerates, large quantities of water get sent to drain, sometimes up to 75 gallons. With a metered system, softener is only added when necessary, reducing the number of regenerations and saving both salt and water.

Finally, a metered Fleck water softener will make sure that the water is soft all the time. With time clock system, the bed’s capacity could get used up before the clock reaches the reset point. When this happens, the home ends up getting unsoftened water. The metered system will prevent this from happening by always regenerating the softener once the bed has been depleted.

Fleck’s digital metered water softener works in a similar fashion to the 5600, but with a bit of a difference. Primarily, the difference is that they have a digital interface, which makes it easier to use and gives you better control over all of the stages of regeneration and all other options. The digital metered water softener gives you all of the advantages of the 5600 model, but with the added advantage of an easy to read digital controls.

Fleck water softeners are a consumer favorite for a reason. They are built for longevity and efficiency, which is why they are one of the top choices of many water treatment professionals. With a Fleck in your home, water softening will be simple and efficient.

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